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Fully extending your marketing outreach usually requires producing branded apparel. Branded apparel can give employees a sense of belonging to a team, and the in-house experts at Nova can help you find the right apparel to unite your entire team. We'll help you visualize your artwork before placing your order so you'll never have to wonder how a shirt feels or how your logo will look on it. From providing samples and colors to helping you select sizes and materials, we're beside you every step of the way. From traditional solutions like ties, socks, pants, polos, blouses, t-shirts, hardhats, safety vests, hats, and aprons to innovative possibilities we imagine for you, we'll make sure your apparel projects the best version of your brand to the world.


Successfully representing your brand image with embroidery can be a tricky, hit-or-miss task without the right experienced partner. So many sources don’t have the equipment necessary to properly embroider apparel or other materials. And, many of the companies out there today are just brokers, which can means a higher cost for you. We house a thriving, experienced embroidery department with cutting-edge equipment that operates 24/7. With Nova, you’ll have access to quality apparel, color matching experts, and efficient stitching machinery built for speed and quality.


No event is complete without a beautifully designed t-shirt to commemorate the day and experience. Designing and printing on a t-shirt might seem mundane, but not everyone can produce them with quality. Our team of creative experts will create the perfect design to give you optimal consumer reach.

Branded T-shirts with printing that feels thick and rubbery are a thing of the past when you work with Nova. Our expert operators specialize in ‘soft touch’ screen up to 6 colors. That means the print is thin and soft to the touch on the finished product, never cracking and breaking during normal wear and tear or washing. Set up is carefully executed, testing colors and the finesse of the imagery on the merchandise before production begins. Our screen printing experts take every step necessary to provide you with a high-end product that you’re proud to wear and have others wear.


Certain materials are best printed using a heat transfer process. Often, it’s the only method that will give you the desired results. Because Nova has expertise in this discipline, we know when to use it, so you don’t have to try to make the determination of how to print, then select a supplier from a web search and use what you discover is a shop that is ill-equipped to handle your needs.

Items such as thick and sturdy safety clothing or very thin sports apparel require heat transfer in order for the print to last longer and not damage the item. Our equipment is carefully adjusted to ensure the highest quality, no scorch finished garment.

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With our kitting and fulfillment services, it doesn't matter how far away your employees are, they'll be dressed for success in no time.