Kitting & finishing

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Nova has over 30 years of on-demand kitting and finishing experience with a nearly impeccable accuracy rate. No two kitting projects are alike and we understand that some projects appear to be impossibly complex. Whether you have 50 versions of a kit or 250 different kit components, we have the systems and expertise to guarantee that your project will be assembled flawlessly and delivered correctly.

We've developed a custom database application that streamlines order fulfillment to minimize handling and shipping costs. Our formal Quality Control Process ensures that every location receives exactly what they were intended to so you don't have the headache of customer complaints and costly rush deliveries.


Nova provides reliable product kitting and finishing services on demand. Many of our clients combine this with our warehouse & fulfillment services to maximize their marketing and delivery efforts. Our team of professionals will pack your individual products into ready-to-ship kits. Then, completed kits are stored with your inventory and mapped to a specific SKU to eliminate potential errors so that when the time comes, your items are delivered accurately and efficiently. For products that consistently ship together as a set, such as employee or corporate welcome packages, pre-kitted packages save time and money and are ready to ship at a moment's notice.


Proactive planning, watchful supervision, and skilled craftsmanship must continue beyond the production stage. Probably the most important step of any kitting project is the last step: finishing and bindery. It's crucial to continue being meticulous and conscientious during this stage when the various items are gathered to assemble into kits, collated in specific personalized sets, boxed and shipped, or packaged for storage and later pick and pack fulfillment. Nova removes the risks associated with this crucial finishing stage because of our focus on quality and our dedication to your success. You maintain peace of mind knowing that your project will be finished using the correct methods with quality in mind. Here are some of the finishing services we offer:

Hole punching
Scoring & Folding
Embossing & Debossing
Foil Stamping
UV Coating & Spot UV
Perfect Binding
Saddle Stitching
Side Stitching
Coil binding
Comb binding
GBC binding
Spiral binding
Three-ring binding


Packing your products for safe arrival at their final destination is handled with the same critical care as the final stage of production at Nova. Having put our heart and soul into producing your project, we certainly won't cut corners at this stage. Our packing experts are confident in their ability to correctly pack and ship your items of any size to withstand the rigors of being shipped and handled by shipping and freight companies.