Promo & Events

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It can be overwhelming to think of the possibilities of projecting your brand and marketing messages on anything from shirts to golf balls, bags to drinkware. Our dedicated promo advisors continually search for new ideas to spread goodwill to each member of your target audience, relieving you of the burden of finding the latest and greatest promotional items.


Deciding on and ordering branded promotional swag can be a nightmare for employees tasked with selecting and ordering even simple items like a branded pen. In comes the thousands of online catalogs that seem to never end. Your hunt for a pen has now turned into hours of weeding through hundreds of options. Most of the time, you already have something in mind but you just can't seem to find it amidst the noise that is the promo industry. Not to mention the quality and delivery issues that plague most promo suppliers. Nova unburdens you from that experience. Our expert promo advisors will guide you to discover the best solution for your needs, fit the appropriate artwork, match colors, and meet your timelines so that no matter what the item, it creates maximum positive impact for your brand.


Not only will Nova make sure that the marketing collateral and signage you depend upon for success at trade shows and promotional events is the ultimate expression of your brand, we will be by your side throughout the planning process. We'll act as an extension of your team to handle any facet of event management you need.