Warehousing & fulfillment

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Nova provides high-volume, concierge quality 3PL services so you can focus on your core business without the burden of storage & fulfillment issues. Customer privacy, packing accuracy and reliable inventory tracking is ensured as each new item warehoused receives an identifying number and bar code. We proudly offer this total marketing production process from concept to fulfillment utilizing our storefront service, but whether you choose the whole package to get the full benefits of cost savings and online control through a branded storefront, or prefer simply to have us do individual projects, we're ready to leap into action to fulfill your requests.


With our logistics planning team, you get the benefit of 24/7 support from a dedicated team of logistics experts. Every one of your projects is carefully planned and discussed with you every step of the way. We'll perform a thorough needs analysis to ensure that all your goals are achieved and will even assist your marketing and sales organizations with the market research needed to complete complex logistics projects.

We've built partnerships with large scale, trusted carriers so that you receive the best service and deliverability possible.


Unfailing, timely distribution of large volume printed, kitted, marketing materials can be a nightmare in the wrong hands. Likewise, individual orders placed with different vendors can cause confusion that leads to missed deadlines and incomplete deliveries. This undoubtedly causes an increase in complaints and returns.

It requires a large warehouse to keep clients' inventories easily accessible for instant access upon demand. When your kit order is made from inventory, it needs to be found quickly from organized and efficient shelves and cartons that have kept your inventory in pristine condition. Nova has invested heavily in 5000 sq ft of optimum storage and working space for items we hold for your future use. Unlike other fulfillment companies, we ship worldwide, providing maximum flexibility and accuracy. Using flexible staffing, on site quality control, and state of the art management systems, we can scale quickly to meet your needs. You can rely on us to produce, finish, securely store and fulfill your complete range of branded marketing products ordered.

Combining this expertise with our custom ecommerce solutions provides a worry-free partnership for you. Our easy-to-use online storefronts can provide your business locations real time ordering capabilities with visibility into your inventory.

Some of the benefits you'll enjoy when you use Nova as your partner are:

Reduce your labor costs
Increase your operational efficiency
Eliminate the need to store items yourself
Allow your employees to work on core business needs instead of shipping items themselves
24/7 access to logistics experts.
Inventory accuracy
Fast turn times when orders come in
Reduction of shipping errors
Better shipping rates